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LARPY Awards Recent News

December 03, 2009: Tweaked Pages on Website, tested submissions forms and emails, etc.

March 07, 2007: Tweaked frontpage wording for 2nd annual larpy award show.

March 04, 2007: Updated website in preparation of updated LARPY award categories. We are expecting a trailer by March 15, 2007.

February 20, 2007: I have confirmation from everyone that they received their LARPY Award Statues - Congratulations everyone!

February 15, 2007: Now we are beginning to setup for the 2nd Annual LARP Awards to be held in April 2008 in Hollywood CA.

December 06, 2006: We have nearly completed altering the award categories based upon the feedback we received from so many of you. thank you for all of the time everyone took to support making this effort better with each year.


May 08, 2006: Added Haven M. Riney of Plano Texas, of Amtgard, to the Judges Panel.

May 06, 2006: Announced the 2006 LARPY Award Winners.

May 04, 2006: Added Jeremy Vigil and Mike Hockaday, of Belegarth, to the LARPY Award Team.

May 01, 2006: Added Gail and Don from NERO Nevada to the LARPY Award Team.

April 30, 2006: The 1st Annual LARPY Award Show is successfully produced. Though some bumps are encountered, the show ran without any major challenges. Bobbi Sue Luther, and all the people involved, did a spectacular job. a Full evaluation is coming soon. Our sincerest appreciation to the more than 2 dozen celebrities that presented at the show.

Confirmed: 3/25/2006: RACHEL GRANT: Actress/model Rachel Grant has appeared opposite Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY and was Angelina Jolie’s body double in LAURA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER.  She recently finished production on the vampire thriller BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD.

Confirmed: 3/25/2006: SHAUNA SAND: Shauna Sand got her start in showbiz as a Playboy Playmate, and since then has gone on to develop a career as an actress, appearing in such series as LAS VEGAS, CHARMED and RENEGADE.

Confirmed: 3/25/2006: WANDA GOLDBERG: Before Wanda met Bill on the set of SANTA’S SLAY, she had been working for many years as a stuntwoman on such films as TEXAS RANGERS, JOHNSON COUNTY WAR and SPEAKING OF SEX.  Her latest project is a co-production with her husband - a baby!  (Due a couple of weeks after the LARPY awards.)

Confirmed: 3/15/2006: TRASHY LINGERIE GIRLS. The Trashy Lingerie Girls make appearances all over the world as representatives of Trashy Lingerie, a members-only lingerie store in Hollywood where celebrities like Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Demi Moore go when they want to look sexy, either in their personal lives or in films like TRUTH OR DARE, BARB WIRE and CHARLIE’S ANGELS.

Confirmed: 3/15/2006: CYNTHIA LEA: Since being chosen as a PLAYBOY CYBER GIRL, Cynthia has gone on to model in ad campaigns for KROQ, SMIRNOFF and BUDWEISER, act in such movies as GIRLS GONE PSYCHO and make appearances in such TV specials as the alternative Super Bowl halftime show THE LINGERIE BOWL.

Confirmed: 3/9/2006: KUNG FU FEMMES: Featuring martial arts choreography by KIRYU KENPO founder TERRY TANEIE, the Kung Fu Femmes got their start as a four-woman stage show at the MGM GRAND HOTEL in Las Vegas.  They have since gone on to become the most sought-after female martial arts performance troupe in the world, touring the country to perform at such Sci Fi and fantasy conventions as DRAGONFEST, FANGORIA and XENACON.

Confirmed: 3/9/2006: ZOLAR: Extraterrestrial rockers ZOLAR X first landed on Earth during the height of the glam era and would frequently share the same stage with such bands as IGGY POP and THE NEW YORK DOLLS until the onslaught of the disco era forced the band to return to their home world. But now that the legendary ZOLAR X farewell album “Timeless” has been re-mixed by longtime fan JELLO BIAFRA of the DEAD KENNEDYS and released on ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS, the boys are back on Earth with their silver platform space boots all shined up and their antennae back at full attention and broadcasting at full power.  They are also the subject of a soon-to-be-released feature documentary entitled TIMELESS.


Confirmed: 3/5/2006: Rebecca Mary: Currently appearing as one of “Barker's Beauties” on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, Rebecca has also been the official corporate spokesmodel for BARBASOL and KILLIANS IRISH RED BEER.  Rebecca was featured in such films as WHAT WOMAN WANT and BASEKETBALL and has had starring roles on the TV series THE MAN SHOW, ODD MAN OUT and THUNDERDOME.


Confirmed: 3/5/2006: Amber Smith: Supermodel Amber Smith has appeared on over 200 magazine covers worldwide and was voted “One of the 50 Sexiest Women in the World” by MAXIM.  She is also a working actress and has appeared in such hit films as L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, AMERICAN BEAUTY and HOWARD STERN'S PRIVATE PARTS.  Her TV credits include FRIENDS, VIP and JUST SHOOT ME and she is currently in production on a new reality series for E! entitled THE AMBER SMITH PROJECT. Amber was also recently named the official spokesmodel for Anheuser Busch's new MICHELOB ULTRA AMBER BEER.


Confirmed 3/02/2006: Jon Daly: Known as a risk-taker for backing films that the major studios wouldn’t touch, legendary producer Jon Daly had his first box-office smash with James Cameron's THE TERMINATOR.  He then went on to produce SALVADOR and the Oscar-winning PLATOON with Oliver Stone.  Jon currently has several films in production, including MOONPIE and PLAYED.


Confirmed 3/02/2006: Bill Goldberg: Pro wrestling legend Bill Goldberg got his start by beating Hulk Hogan and being named WCW Rookie of the Year.  His career only went up from there, to the point where he is now one of the 100 most powerful people in professional sports, according to THE SPORTING NEWS. Goldberg has also had starring roles in such feature films as THE LONGEST YARD, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II and LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION.  He is currently hosting AUTOMANIAC for The History Channel.


Confirmed 3/02/2006: Cindy Margolis: Aside from being the “The Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet,” Cindy’s current projects include her VH-1 special CINDY MARGOLIS INSIDE OUT, as well as her animated series CINDY B.C. Cindy plays a brilliant, sharp-witted and irresistibly sexy High Priestess on a mission to save Mankind. She has also been chosen as the new cover model for the Angel Gate comic book series THE 10TH MUSE (soon to be a major motion picture.)


Confirmed: 3/2/2006: Deborah Gibson: The youngest person ever to write, produce and perform a #1 single ("Foolish Beat"), Deborah has sold over 16 million albums worldwide and starred in such Broadway productions as LES MISERABLES, GREASE, CABARET and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  This year she showed off a new talent - ice skating, on the hit Fox reality series SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES.


Confirmed: 3/2/2006: Jose Canseco: American League Rookie of the Year, the first “40-40” player ever, and the unanimous American League MVP, Jose has also made a successful transition to acting, appearing in such TV series as NASH BRIDGES, THE TONY DANZA SHOW and THE SIMPSONS.  Jose also recently survived being a cast member on the hit VH-1 series THE SURREAL LIFE.


Confirmed 3/2/2006: Cris Judd - Selected as one of People Magazine's “25 Hottest Bachelors” and InTouch Magazine's "20 Hottest Hunks,” Cris has attained worldwide notoriety as a choreographer working with international singing-dancing-acting superstars Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Ja Rule.  He has also acted in such films as BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE and guest starred on many TV series, including EVE, HALF AND HALF, and EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND.


Confirmed: 3/2/2006: Camille Anderson recently appeared in THE WEDDING CRASHERS opposite Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and is also a recurring character on the hit NBC series LAS VEGAS.  She has also guest starred on such sitcoms as DHARMA & GREG, and is currently starring in SKETCH PAD for HBO.


Confirmed 2/28/2006: David Winning: Canadian-born David Winning has directed such series as EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT," Gene Roddenberry's "ANDROMEDA" and the ground-breaking mini-series DINOTOPIA for ABC. He is currently filming the smash hit Sci Fi Channel series STARGATE: ATLANTIS.


Confirmed 2/27/2006: Vanessa Branch: Most famous for her role as the vivacious, pearly-toothed spokesmodel for ORBIT GUM, Vanessa is currently reprising the role of Giselle in the upcoming Disney feature release PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST, the sequel to the international box office hit PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL. Vanessa has also played starring guest roles on LOST and STAR TREK: VOYAGER.


Confirmed: 2/21/2006: Nikki Schieler Ziering: After being voted one the Top 100 Playboy Playmates of the Century, Nikki has gone on to appear in many popular films and TV series.  She is currently featured in the ensemble drama STANDING STILL and has also made memorable appearances in such films as AMERICAN WEDDING and AUSTIN POWERS: GOLDMEMBER.  She is also a favorite guest of radio superstar DJ Howard Stern.


Confirmed: 2/21/2006: Bobbi Sue Luther: Currently the host of MAXIM ONLINE, Bobbi Sue was also the co-host of the international hit Discovery Channel reality series JUNKYARD MEGAWARS.  She has appeared in such films as DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO and on the TV series STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, where she played the iconic role of a sexy green "Orion Slave Woman" (a character first introduced in "The Menagerie," the pilot episode of the original STAR TREK series.)


Confirmed: 2/20/2006 Adrien Brody: The star of KING KONG and the upcoming Focus Features release HOLLYWOODLAND.


Confirmed: 2/20/2006 GWAR: The Legendary he Legendary DRT Entertainment recording artists GWAR, currently on tour celebrating their 20th anniversary.


Confirmed: 2/15/2006: Ken Foree: Ken is still washing the blood out of his clothes after appearing in the Lions Gate releases THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES, both written and directed by psychoboogie rock star Rob Zombie. In addition to his horror roles, Ken has shown his softer side in Nickelodeon’s hit show KEENAN AND KEL as well as in guest starring roles on THE X-FILES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, BABYLON 5 and BROTHERS.

1/22/2006: LARPY Award Show Press Announcement Released

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